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Home Decor Blog - Inspirational Home Decor Blogs You Can UseLooking for inspiration from a home decor blog? A blog can be your window into inspiration when it comes to home decoration, design, and making great memories at home. A blog can give you ideas that you would never think of having as a real homeowner! If you enjoy reading home decor blogs and have interests in home decorating and interior design then you may just find yourself visiting several different blogs on a daily basis and picking up a few great ideas.Home Decor Blog

Here are 10 Amazing Home Decor blog posts from top interior designers and decorators, were always discover inspiration! Another great example is Pretty Addiction where they share their homemade treasures with everyone. Their mission is basically to showcase the very best things going on in their region while also sharing their home-made beauties with everyone else. They are definitely worth a visit! You can also find inspiration at Nifty Decor, another great blog where you can find lots of ideas for decorating your home as well as personalizing your space!Inspirational Home Decor Blogs You Can Use

Finally, if you want to find out what other young house love enthusiasts are doing and get inspired by them, check out DIY House Love. This blog is a combination of interior design, real estate, and home decorating where you can get lost in the wonderful world of interior design. It’s free and full of projects that you can use and enjoy for many years to come. With this blog you don’t have to worry about learning what everything looks like. You can simply enjoy the process and get lost in it all!

Using Antiques and Minimalism in Simple Kitchen Decor Ideas

Kitchen Decor photoSimple kitchen design with the use of natural materials is a trend that’s growing in popularity. The main reason is because it’s easy to do and requires very little work. This makes it the perfect decor for a lot of people, regardless of their experience level. Simple kitchen design can be done with a minimum of effort. If you’re a beginner and don’t know what kind of design to go for, then you can begin with one of the following projects.

Kitchen Decor photoWith minimalistic style, modern art is popular. The most popular art with this decor style is simple wooden furniture and antiques. The most simple geometric patterns and minimalist designs are ideal for blending well with simple kitchen decor. You can also use simple kitchen decor accessories like wrought iron wall decor accessories and wrought iron candle holders. You can also find many accessories made out of recycled materials. There’s a wide variety of things you can do with an old or a new coffee pot, a car or even a cookie jar.

If you want to get your inspiration going, you can visit home decorating websites. Here you’ll find many different kinds of simple kitchen decor ideas. For example, you can create a tiered tray that looks like a shelf or a lazy Susan. If you have a wooden coffee table and want something that resembles a shelf, you can try making a wooden shelf with coffee table legs and paint it black – then attach a fabric shade to it to make a simple coffee bar.

Kitchen Decor – Add Interest to Your Small Kitchen

Kitchen Decor photoIf you are in the midst of redecorating your kitchen, chances are you’re looking for new ideas to make your kitchen more unique and visually appealing. You’ve probably looked around your kitchen already, and maybe even put some thought into what sort of things you’d like to add or change. But the whole point is not to go wild with your imagination right away. It’s best to plan your design first, so that you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. The next step will depend on how you plan to implement your ideas:

Kitchen  photoOne great way to make your kitchen more interesting and distinctive is to add a countertop with no visible shelves. Many kitchens these days have open shelves running along the wall. If you’re not sure about the aesthetic appeal of this idea, take a look at some of the more open kitchens of recent years. If you have an open shelf running along the wall, but no visible interior cabinet space underneath, it can really stand out, especially if your kitchen appliances are on display or if your countertops are colored like white or stainless steel.Kitchen Decor photo

Another great idea for kitchen decor that’s both simple and charming is a rustic looking bar with wooden tables and chairs. There’s something almost primal and earthy about wood, and it lends itself nicely to being incorporated into a country kitchen style, since wood tends to lend itself rather neatly to country settings. A small country kitchen with a rustic bar and wooden tables and chairs, however, may be a bit too informal and simplistic for a kitchen that’s designed to be more formal.